Scented Christmas Cookie Charm Necklace

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A nostalgic throwback to Christmases past, this hand-sculpted Scented Christmas Cookie Charm Necklace is a stylish acquisition for any modern wardrobe. Finished in a delicious golden brown with translucent white icing and adorable silver baubles, this understated 3/4 inch Christmas charm adds a touch of innocent delight to even the most exuberant of Christmas outfits.

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Hung upon a delicate 18-inch sterling silver chain, this kitsch cookie charm necklace is the ultimate addition to any party outfit. If its cuteness doesn’t draw people to you, the sugary sweet scent most certainly will!  (Made by Tiny Hands)

Size: 3/4” Christmas tree cookie charm attached to 18” sterling silver necklace

Material: Polymer clay, gloss, sterling silver ball chain

Smells like: Freshly baked cookie with icing

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Weight .125 lbs