Scented Candy Cane Necklace

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This exclusive candy cane pendant wraps up the excitement of Christmas within a tiny charm striped with two of our favorite festive colors. The glossy finish is a like-for-like replication of that tightly bound cellophane you tore away like an excited child, concealing the sugary sweet scent of the candy within. Subtly perfumed like peppermint and slightly fruity.

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Hung upon a slinky 18-inch sterling silver chain, this eye-catching Scented Candy Cane Necklace will add pizazz to any ‘notice me’ party dress. For sophisticated polish, pair with a fitted, strappy block color dress that plumes at the waist. (Made by Tiny Hands)

Size: ¾” candy cane charm attached to 18” sterling silver necklace

Material: Polymer clay, gloss, sterling silver ball chain

Smells Like: Sugar, peppermint, and vanilla scent

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Weight .125 lbs