About Us

Let me introduce myself…

My name is Lisa; the owner, the baker, the cupcake maker! My husband Russ and I have been living in Madison area for over 15 years and we just love everything about it. From the restaurants to the shows, to the shopping, and especially to all the friendly people we have the opportunity to meet.

Working with my hands and creating “artistry” with baking has been my passion for years. Throughout my life, I have been gifting my baked goods to my friends and family. With their positive feedback, and encouraging me to open my own business, here I am today and Simply Cupcakes of Madison was born. I am proud to offer a local, family-owned, simply delicious “cupcakery”.

Simply Cupcakes are made from scratch, and every batch is made to order. I use only the freshest ingredients; premium grade chocolate, sweet cream butter, whole milk and the finest vanilla. (Shortening and lard are not a staple in my kitchen)

There is something to please every taste bud. Whatever the occasion; wedding, retirement, birthday, engagement (nice way to hide the ring), new house, personal or corporate gifts, or just simply to surprise your child for the outstanding report card, my cupcakes are a personal way to say; Thank You, You’re Appreciated, I Love You.


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